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Another name for America/U.S.A

Usually used when someone says Canada is America's hat. I think America looks like a diaper more than Canada looks like a hat.
American: Haha you're from canada, you're our hat!! haha loser

Canadian: stfu, look at the map, and you'll see that America is Canada's Diaper. We Shit in you. And you cant get your dick up *points to mexico*
by Slicknife April 02, 2010
A retarded highschool in Brampton, a city near Toronto. IT fucking looks like a prison and cafeteria is smaller than that of an elementary school's. This school has kids that are so retarded they didn't even put a Urban definition of their school
BCSS (brampton centennial secondary school) was built in 1967, and im the first from that hellhole to post a definition of it, and im not even proud.
by Slicknife May 01, 2010
An awkward pause in a good conversation in which both of the people run out of things to say and are are frantically racing through their heads to find something interesting to talk about. Once one of them finds something to say, its usually just plain random and not connected to the previous conversation in anyway.
Person 1: ...And the next thing you know, the nigger started jumping him for his hotdog..

Person 2: ..wow that sucks......

~l o n g p a u s e~

Person 1: so.. what gaming system you got?

Person 2: ....*sigh*...we gotta come prepared with stories so we won't have that uncomfortable conversational pause..

Person 1: right.
by Slicknife April 29, 2010

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