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When you're shocked to find the girl you're with has a hairy vagina
(usually found out by touching that area and feeling the hairs poking out)
Bob : How was your night with Emma man?

Ben : Shit man, that girl gave me the biggest barbers surprise
#pussy hairy #girl #pubes #surpirse #shock #barber #vagina
by Sleepyspeirsybeefysonicskip January 12, 2009
A professional at cock blocking.A muff-burglar is someone that hooks up with a girl you've been hitting on all night.
Bob: Who's that new guy over there?

Ben : Oh thats joe, dont go near him , hes the biggest muff-burglar ever, he stole Laura off me last week!
#flirt #cockblock #muff #burglar #professional #girl
by Sleepyspeirsybeefysonicskip January 12, 2009
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