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Intense blasts of light drizzly rainfall lasting over two hours and/or temperatures falling below a bone-chilling 68 degrees Fahrenheit in Southern California, characterized by the revealing of Ugg Boots, Scarves, and jackets in addition to traditional mini-skirts and board-shorts.
During a San Diego Blizzard one would overhear:

Girl 1: "Like, oh my God did you see that it's supposed to be partially cloudy tomorrow?"
Girl 2: "Like, yes! Looks like were going to have to wear scarves with our bikini tops."
Guy: "I love California."
by Slayafish March 07, 2011
Oral sex performed on a male by a male/female in which the penis is treated much like a snorkel tube post-ejaculation with said ejaculation still in mouth, being blown back into the shaft- to clear the passage way.
Kellen : " I heard Berry died of a heart-attack due to an air embolism, Jane must've given him the ol' San Diego snorkel."
Erik: " Tragic."
by Slayafish March 07, 2011
When a male ejaculates on a female's stomach, and semen remains in the depths of her bellybutton after the wipe-up process... allowing micro-organism to abound within.
Guy: "What is that goo in your belly-button?"
Girl: "My ex gave me a San Diego Tide Pool and I'm waiting to see if my sea-monkeys will grow inside".
Guy: "I've always wanted a sea-monkey".
by Slayafish March 07, 2011

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