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1. An acronym meaning My Life Is ACTUALLY Average. Used at the end of an average anecdote, especially an average anecdote that is free of cliches and, as the name implies, actually average. It is similar to MLIA (My Life Is Average) but the added "ACTUALLY" (usually in all-caps) is in retaliation to the large number of un-average and cliche stories that end with "MLIA."

2. mliaa.tumblr.com. A website where stories that end in "MLIAA" are posted. These stories are checked to make sure that they are free of cliches, ninjas, Harry Potter, dinosaurs, awesome things, or general un-averageness. Originally formed by a member of MLIA (mylifeisaverage.com), this website offers a haven for those who liked the old MLIA before it became cliche.
1. Guy: Today, I noticed that MLIA stories are all cliche. MLIAA

2. MLIA-er #1: Ugh, look at all these cliche stories on MLIA
MLIA-er #2: I heard MLIAA is ACTUALLY average!
by Slartibartfast5 November 03, 2009
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