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If Electric Light Orchestra and the Doors had a baby, then that baby and MGMT had a baby, then that baby and Animal Collective had a baby, Passion Pit would be that baby. Just imagine the greatest sex your ears have ever had, now multiply that by about 4000. That's Passion Pit. Check out Sleepyhead, Little Secrets, Swimming in the Flood, and Moth's Wings
Guy 1: Dude have you ever listened to Passion Pit?
Guy 2: No what's that?
1: Dude take this cd, it's called Manners. Now go in your room, turn off the lights, light some scented candles and listen to it. You will be quite satisfied.
2: Ok whatever dude.....


1: So how was it?
2: Oh my God dude, my ears came so many times. I've never been more satisfied in my life. Good looks bro. If Passion Pit was a woman, she would have big titties, a skinny stomach, and a gigantic muscular ass. I'm gonna go pleasure myself to this more
by Slappy Mcdappy May 16, 2011
The state fish of hawaii and the hardest word to pronounce. Seriously I tried pronouncing this word with my friends and none of us could do it. There were 5 of us yo.
Friend 1: Yo letz pronounce the state fishh of hawaii
Friend 2: Word I think its pronounced hakawakaka
Friend 3: No yo its pronounced humma humma nukka wukka shaka laka booyaka sha
Friend 4: Jeez this is like Fozzy the Bear. Waka waka
Friend 5: No its pronounced humuhumunukunukuapua'a
Friend 1: You'z a nerd. (Slap)
by Slappy McDappy August 21, 2010
The biggest and fakest fraternity ever. Consisting of no real pledge process in which you get to know your pledge brothers and fraternity brothers who pledged before you. The size of "Teek" gets to be over 30 brothers who just want to drink, smoke, and not contribute to society. 2 brothers will pass each other in the hall and have no idea who the other person is. All they will know them by is that they are wearing the same letters. Go greek or go TKE
Tau Kappa Epsilon is the most illegitimate fraternity out there. Join a real one, it looks better on your resume, trust me.
by slappy mcdappy March 11, 2011

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