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A person who buy's multiple Apple products such as the iPhone and MacBook.
Person 1: Lets go check out the iTouches!
Person 2: Your such an Appaholic
#ipad #apple #itouch #iphone #imac #macbook
by SlangDude November 24, 2012
Similar to a skeezer, a woman or girl that is an unclean (or filthy in other words) hoe. Also, a scig-scag enjoys to play with man, and is a mixture of a hoe and a golddigger.. becaudse most often she is only with men for their money.
She's a total scig-scag.. she's only with you for the money!
#hoe #skeezer #scallywhop #skank #whore
by slangdude January 16, 2008
A person who has a very bad habit of saying the word "Like"
Person 1: I'm like really like tired
Person 2: You have Obsessive Like Speech Disorder (OLSD)
Person 1: No because people with OLSD like say like, like a lot, because like they have like a terrible habit of like saying like.
#like #annoying #olsd #a #lot
by SlangDude November 24, 2012
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