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1: a very, very shitty TV show on MTV that depicts the struggles of College-aged white women who move to Beverly Hills in search of a better life by making a perfect life look overly-difficult and dramatic

2: a raised area of ground
Chick 1: I'm Blond and I can't even figure out how to get a toaster to work! Wanna go watch The Hills?!
Chick 2: *screaming* AAAAHHHH!!! YES!!! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!
Chick 1: *also screaming* I KNOW RIGHT?!? Hey Bobby, come watch the Hills with us!!
Bobby: I will watch that fucking horrible excuse for a television program as soon as you and your friend lick each other's cunts.
Chick 1: Y'okay.
Bobby: Wha-?

Hey, this raised area of ground looks like a hill, not to be confused with that tv show characterized by a clusterfuck of bulimic whores whining about their perfect lives not being easy, The Hills.
by Slagathor The Weegee Slayer March 13, 2010

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