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One who has great intellectual potential and often has many odd traits or skills, but avoids and/or forgets work
Teacher: "This kid is so smart, he has so many bright ideas. I wish he would do his homework and stop being such a Slacker Nerd."
by SlackerNerd October 20, 2010
geek can refer to anyone excelling in knowlege or skill of a certain activity or subject.
Band Geek
Math Geek
Computer Geek
English (Language Arts) geeks
Et Cetera

Are all Geek (Variant) 's
by SlackerNerd October 20, 2010
Being better than awesome, epic, or sweet.
Being greatly awe inspiring.
Being better than thought possible.
I know this girl, she is really epicque
by SlackerNerd January 08, 2011

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