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3 definitions by SlackerNerd

One who has great intellectual potential and often has many odd traits or skills, but avoids and/or forgets work
Teacher: "This kid is so smart, he has so many bright ideas. I wish he would do his homework and stop being such a Slacker Nerd."
by SlackerNerd October 20, 2010
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geek can refer to anyone excelling in knowlege or skill of a certain activity or subject.
Band Geek
Math Geek
Computer Geek
English (Language Arts) geeks
Et Cetera

Are all Geek (Variant) 's
by SlackerNerd October 20, 2010
9 3
Being better than awesome, epic, or sweet.
Being greatly awe inspiring.
Being better than thought possible.
I know this girl, she is really epicque
by SlackerNerd January 08, 2011
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