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A sith law making it so that there can never be more than two active sith at one time, one master, and one pupil. The rule was set in place by Darth Bane after he killed all the other sith.(Darth bane also started the tradition of prefixing sith names with "darth")
Darth Sideous only ever had one deciple at a time, first Darth Maul, then Darth Tyranus, then Darth Vader. Although he surounded himself with other Dark Jedi, there were only ever two Sith at one time, in accordance with the Rule Of Two.
by SlackerApathy August 19, 2005
An amazing short film, made in an amazingly short amount of time with an amazingly low budget. Tells the story of Lucas, and his day running from a mysterious stranger known only as "The Touch". Made using pirated music so illegal to exhibet publicly, but several copies of the dvd are in circulation(mostly in the Toronto area). Honestly, if you get ahold of a copy, you are indeed a lucky one.
'oh my god, i just watched 'The Touch', and almost pissed myslef. I wish i knew those handsome men staring in it' - some chick.
by SlackerApathy August 14, 2005
1) Kewl is internet nerd, or rather, 'l33t' speak for 'cool'

2) Something that is Kewl is something that is cool in an ironic or geeky fanboy way. / Something Kewl is cool but a little odd.
1)internet nerd #1: "*insert crappy ass l33t speak here*"
internet nerd #2: "kewl!"

2)Most of the X-men characters are cool, but Gambit, Bishop and Cable are KEWL.
by SlackerApathy April 24, 2005
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