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A hot charlie is anything you want it to be. Because of the way it sounds, most people (especially girlfriends) associate it with something sexual (i.e. Dirty Sanchez). Simply ask for a hot charlie, and the other person must determine what his/her definition of it actually is.
Me: Hey, I'm going to ask my girlfriend if she wants to give me a hot charlie tomorrow night after the movies.

Friend: What the crap is a hot charlie?

Me: Oh, I think you know.

Friend: Does it involve an indian burn on the thigh?

Me: It does now.
by Sl33py July 30, 2006
1. A location where there are many more males present than females.

2. A situation where the number of males is much higher than desired, regardless of the number of females.

3. Several males in one location all becoming aroused at the same moment.
I can't believe how many guys go to your school, what a total bonerstorm!

Once the girls left the party it turned into a total bonerstorm.

When she came into the room wearing her wet t-shirt it started a total bonerstorm among us guys.
by Sl33py April 24, 2006
A lonjunction (lazy conjunction) of the two words "stupid" and "spectacular". It essentially means stupidly-spectacular. It can have either a positive or negative connotation depending on it's use.
"Sometimes he doesn't think about what he's doing and still manages to win in a stuptacular way."

"Letting Rich borrow my car was a stuptacular idea... he just crashed it into a tree."
by Sl33py January 30, 2006
Redorny is a lonjunction (lazy conjunction) of the two words "rediculous" and "horny". It essentially means rediculously horny.
When attending a school that is mostly males, seeing even an average looking female can cause one to become redorny.

He was so redorny, that he had to beat off to his own ass.
by Sl33py January 29, 2006
A lonjunction (lazy conjunction) of the two words "gay" and "handle". Your gandle is your gay handle. Have fun with that.
My friends don't like giving out their real names, so instead they use their gandles Mike Oxbig, Harry Balzak, and Ian.
by Sl33py April 24, 2006
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