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A nice, fresh, ice cold beer, usually anything taller than normal sized can.
"If I had a perfect day
I would have it start this way
Open up the fridge and have a tall boy

-One Fine Day, The Offspring
by Skye Daemon June 08, 2009
Phrase of frustration used when all else fails. Was once said by Dave Chappelle referring to what white people do with them after their friend has passed out.
"Na, dude. No homo doesn't work like that. Once you say you like buttsex, theres nothing you can to do take it back."

"Man, fuck yall! Fuck Carrots!"
by Skye Daemon March 09, 2010
A group of men talking in a circle, triangle, square, or any kind of closed or almost shape. Usually happens at large events over manly subjects on accident. Usually realized when the first female approaches.
Men: "Dude, I totally tapped tha.."
Girl: "Hey guys, whats up?"
Dude 1: "TITS!"
Dude 2: "Oh shit! Sorry miss, but this is the MAN CIRCLE."
by Skye Daemon July 23, 2009
Someone who is any or all of the following:
Gay for Captain Jack Sparrow
Obsessed with Jack
Completely obsessed with Jack
Is more than twice as old as Jack yet wants it … (Kraken)
Or is aroused by Jack the Monkey
"I can repeat every line Captain Jack has ever said and I've watched all three movies at least 100 times."

"...dude, that guy is a complete Jackophile."
by Skye Daemon March 22, 2009
1.) A relationship that didn't happen, but might as well have because the emotional attachment was so strong.

2.) A relationshit that didn't go anywhere the whole time you were together.
1. Dude 1: Dude, I was totally into this chick and I thought we were about to kick it off. Then she got a girlfriend.

Dude 2: That sucks bro, sorry bout your nonlationship.

2. Duder 1: We were together for a whole MONTH and shit didn't happen! We weren't that close, I didn't really know her, and shit man, I didn't get laid!

Duder 2: Damn, dude, I HATE those nonlationshits!
by Skye Daemon November 23, 2009

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