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Front man of indescribably amazing English band Muse.
Eccentric, enviously talented, Beautiful, with a knack for saying the right thing at the right time for comic effect or to provoke independant pondering
"When I think back to how I was in school, it seemed like I wasn't quite there, like my body was doing its thing but my mind was elsewhere. But suddenly I feel like I've come into focus, like I can see things for the first time. It's very strange. I feel.... new born." Matt Bellamy relates these thoughts in the spacious back lounge of their tour bus, while standing on his head with a gold pen stuck up his nose. With any other singer this would seem like another attention seeking affectation; with Bellamy however, it's more an indication of his carefree 'top-of-the-world' state of mind right now."
by Skullz April 03, 2005
An amazing game made by Nintendo. Many companies critiqued it as a terrible game since they were to lazy to find combos. Once learned all the moves, it is a really fun game.
Kid"What are you playing?" Me"Dual Heroes"
by skullz March 24, 2014
leet motherfucker, known for rationalism and total rwning newbtarts.
omgers u seen tequila sunrise post that shit on teh myg0t forums?
by SkullZ August 04, 2004
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