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Slutty, dumb bimbos who are not talented enough or classy enough, or SOPHISTICATED enough to be a beautiful colorguard member who are not sluts and have some class.

Use the McBeth Princilple, "me thinks thou protest to much me thinks" to convince themsleves that colorguard girls want to be cheerleaders to make themsleves feel better when in actuality, they are jealous they can't do colorguard and be a REAL hot and talented girl with some class.
Try to convince themsleves jumping up and down like a hyper little airhead is a sport unlike colorguard that actually IS a beautiful Sport of the Arts.

Gay guys that join feel like they want a shot at the football team too.
Straight guys that join to touch ditzes and try to sneak a peak up skirts of the girls that they coudn't even get on a regular bases.
Um...Yeah, Hi My name is Mitzi! **Pops gum and twilrs hair on index finger - smacks gum, smacks gum...Crack, smacks gum, smacks gum!** So like, Um...What's YOU'RE name? I'm Mitzi!

Buffy: OMG...Pamela, Most of the Urban Dictionary says we're dumb, slutty bimbos. But like, it's a dictionary, So it MUST be true. Is it? But I've only done HALF of the football team.
Pamela: I know, It can't be true Buffy, 'cause like, I've only done the other half.

Spirit Fingers - Yeah, THAT'S talented and hard!!!

Cheerleading 101: "Ready OK!"
by Skoben May 11, 2009
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