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brilliant beauty. ellegance.
He seems very Scarlet.
She wishes she was Scarlet.
by skizzy September 28, 2005
A long time ago they were sold for about 2 cents.
and were bought by people that couldn't afford other shoes.
In which case most kids these days like to represent the "punk" side of it to show the actual roots.
In 2002 they were starting to come around, and just about everyone here in 2006 has them.
These shoes are also to be worn even if the soul falls out.
personally I find them cute and stylish.
Hey man nice kicks.
yeah man I love my converse.
by Skizzy April 01, 2006
1.A reaction to, a describable feeling otherwise indesribable.
First person:DUDE, you just won a new car and a thousand dollars!!

Second person: ooo LUR
by skizzy August 24, 2004
Dust, Angel Dust, PCP, gets you fucked up, bronx terminology originally.
Let me hit dat leeky leek yo.
by Skizzy September 22, 2003
Saying that someones right but expressing *rolling your eyes*.
1:Im the queen of england
by skizzy August 24, 2004
Another word for a cigarette. A cooler way to say it.
Hey man, you got a dig?
Man, I need a dig badly right now.
by skizzy September 28, 2005

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