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Ageing is adding the suffix age to obscure words to make new 'aged' words
The guyage took his dogage for a long walk on the beachage, now that's classic ageing.

The striker pulled a trickage around his opponentage and the crowd screamed SKILLAGE, that is premium ageing of words.
by Skillage09 June 08, 2011
The process of adding age to the end of a word is called ageing.
Turning soccer ball into soccer ballage is a prime example of ageing.
Skillage, humdingage, goldage, fanage are all normal words that have had age added, we call that ageing a word.
by Skillage09 October 14, 2011
A beerleader is someone who comes to support a game or a team with the sole purpose of having a beer, rather than actually watching the game.
I'm coming to support you guys tonight, I will cheer you on as long as there is beer, as I am a beerleader, not a cheerleader.
I swear, he only comes to watch us so he can have a beer, he is definitely a beerleader.
What was the score? I drank too much I didn't see what happened! I'm such a beerleader.
by Skillage09 September 02, 2013
After loads of gym, you will look pecktastic
Brad has been to the gym a lot lately, he is looking pecktastic.
Angelina just commented on how pecktastic Brad is looking after his heavy gym session.
James doesn't gym enough, he will never be pecktastic.
by Skillage09 October 14, 2011
After a hard gym session, you will look pecktastic. You will look pecktastic after a long hard gym session.
The little italian hit the gym for two hours after work, he is looking pecktastic now.

Papa Mia and Mama Mia spent a week in the gym, they both look pecktastic.
by Skillage09 June 07, 2011
The one with ultimate skills, the super skilled one
John has sick skills, he is the MacSkillage.
John was beaten by some sick skills, he was done in by Damian, the MacSkillage
by Skillage09 April 21, 2011
Smelling bad
That is one humdinging fart; I am humdinging after that soccer match
by Skillage09 October 18, 2010

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