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1) A type of thorn/shrub that is typically irritating and painful due to its barbs and tenacious nature.

2) Another name for Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty, the disney princess.

3) The name of a female who may or may not exhibit similar characteristics to the plant and who may be caustic, self-centered, emotional, fickle, and the most amazing artist, writer, sister, and best friend you could ever ask for.
1) I tripped through a patch of briars and that's why my face is bleeding.

2) Only the kiss of her prince could wake Briar from the witch's evil spell.

3) Dammit, Briar, can you stop being such an attention-whore for a moment and give me some space??!
by Skemj January 18, 2009
Purportedly a shriveled up monkey penis, and is also a good insult for anybody named Omega.
Did you see the omaga on that chimpanzee?
by Skemj January 11, 2009

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