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noun: the greatest action flick ever. No hesitation, never surrender, no man left behind. From the "Thunder Gun Express" episode of "Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

verb: used in a variety of ways, but mainly to denote overcoming an obstacle, to win, or be triumphant.
1. We need to hurry up, Thunder Gun, the greatest action flick ever, starts in five minutes and we might miss it!

2. "We're never gonna make it, we're stuck in traffic"
"Just Thunder Gun the curb!"
#always sunny in philadelphia #thundergun #thunder gun express #obstacle #win
by SkeetSkeeter December 19, 2011
To be high on cocaine.
Man, I was so wowed last night, I couldn't even sleep because I blew so many lines.
#yipped #zooted #coked out #blow #cocaine
by SkeetSkeeter March 14, 2011
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