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In 2011, a Toronto police officer named Michael Sanguinetti suggested that to remain safe from sexual assault, "women should avoid dressing like sluts." This logic is akin to "If you don't want to get robbed, you probably should not walk around bare-assed with $100 bills taped to your tits." or "If you don't want your car stolen, then don't keep your keys in the ignition, stupid!" It's common sense that with every crime, comes preventative measures to avoid foolish risks.... except, of course, when it comes "Womyn's" issues. Since feminists are known to get butthurt over any suggestion that a woman should take ANY responsibility for her own actions in ANY situation EVER, they predictably responded to Sanquinetti's logical (yet sexist... obviously) remark with a protest known as Slut Walk.

Slut Walks consist of mostly unattractive, usually androgynous, always sexually ambiguous collegiate sufferers of first-world problems that dress in boner-inducing clothing for the purpose of, you know.... respect and to be taken seriously. Slut Walks are the epitome of irony, since most participants are "wimmin" who most self-respecting men would not want to fuck in the first place, let alone take the time, effort, and risk of prison to rape them.
The greatest example of Slut Walk's fail and hypocrisy occurred in Brasilia around May 2012. During the course of this Slut Walk called "Marcha Da Vadias," when thousands of "proud sluts" were walking around half-naked (and in some cases exposing their funbags and vagoos,) a male had the audacity to do the exact same fucking thing and expose himself. Take note that this man DID NOT approach or assault anyone at any time when his dick was popping out through his zipper, but OF COURSE the protesters responded with monkey shit-fits and literally trying to physically harm this purveyor of justice and equal rights.

So, the moral of the story is that any "possessor of the cunt" has the privilege of breaking every decency law in the book without being oggled at or appropriately called a "slut" by her patriarchal oppressors, but any penis-wielder better keep his clothes on (out of shame and modesty) or one of these "warriors of equal rights" will either kill you, or castrate you, or kill you then castrate you, or castrate you then kill you... then claim "almost raped."
by skawtee December 20, 2013
A female who personifies the traditional male machismo attitude, but doesn't have to suffer the same consequences that males do when they equally step out of line.

In reality, if a male just snapped and went full-house on this brand of annoying, bravado cunt, she'd be instantly put back in her place in the kitchen making sammiches.
Tough girl: "I'm not afraid to hit a man. I don't give a fu-"

(some guy who's sick of her mouth then pounds her in the face.)

Tough Girl: How could you hit a WOMAN like that!!
by Skawtee January 10, 2011
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