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To Mess Something Up Or To Do It Wrong
Shaun Of The Dead
"Ahhhh cock it!"
by Skapunkmonk September 19, 2004
To say there are many people (non gender specific) in a certain area or place

Bear as in the animal
Heads as in well.... Heads
"There is bear heads at this party"
Which translates to "there are lots of people ar this party
by Skapunkmonk September 19, 2004
To remeber back to something that happened when you were drunk, similar to a flash back but when under the influence of alcohol.
"oh dude i just remembered what happened last night, i got my mangina out"

"Im having a lash back from last night"
by Skapunkmonk February 11, 2007
Description of pubic hair
"She has a shaved faff"
"You have a bit of faff showing mate, pull your shorts down a bit"
"Shes got a nice/dirty faff"
by Skapunkmonk September 19, 2004
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