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1 definition by SixFootTen

A delicious beer cocktail consisting of a mixture of vodka, beer, and an obscene amount of pink lemonade mix. The resulting liquid is exquisite, as all one can taste is the pink lemonade.

To make approximately three liters, combine 7-8 beers, 1 cup or so of vodka, and a full container of Country Time pink lemonade mix. Use caution when first adding the lemonade mix, as it will cause the beer to fizz up. Once the beer settles, keep adding all of the lemonade mix. Once complete, shake or stir until all of the mix is dissolved. Serve cold and enjoy.

While tasty, this cocktail will put you on the fast track to fucked up - drink with caution.
Mark tried the awesomepolitan and couldn't believe how good it tasted.

The Hardey boys like their awesomepolitans.
by SixFootTen October 17, 2009