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When you got your girl in doggy style while she is on her monthly cycle you start hooting and hollering like you are at the rodeo. When things get red enough you pull out and announce to her that she is about to become a filthy rodeo clown. You then dab your unit on her nose round and round until it is completely red like a rodeo clown. Then you tell her that the bull needs to get behind her one more time and finish the job up.
Hey Dave!! I got pissed off last night when I left the bar and went home with Roxanna. I gave her a filthy rodeo clown and I didn't even have to tell her what to do...she said she had already done it many times !!!
by SitzWell June 20, 2006
When you are on a highway or a road driving and your bowels light up out of nowhere!! Suddenly, you have got to find a place to leave a dump...and fast. You will stop at a place that has a "no public restrooms" sign or anything just to try to stop the inevitable from happening...I hope you keep a box or a plastic bag in your vehicle at this point!
KC told me he had the rudest of Road Growlers the other day. So bad, he had to throw out his newest pair of BVD's !! No one wanted to help him out man !! That was F*$@+d up !!
by SitzWell June 20, 2006

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