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4 definitions by SitOnMeShamrock


1) must be performed in a standing position and is most successful if the woman is on the petite side. It is accomplished when one has his hand down the back of a chick's jeans and lifts her up with the finger that he has inserted into her ass.
SitOnMeShamrock: I gave him such a hoboken meathook he squam on me

Jay The Man Duck: what the fuck is wrong with you?!?!?
by SitOnMeShamrock July 22, 2011
noun: Used to describe the state following a period of nacho consumption that spans at least 72 hours with no other form of sustenance. Sufferers will exhibit tell tale signs such as uncontrolled flatulence and tooth picking as well as persistant stomach rubbing. Repeat episodes result in speaking slurred spanish in one's sleep which sounds exactly like a mexican who is awake.
ImTheFrknPrincess: i've eaten nothing but nachos for the past three days...(pffrrrttttttt)

SitOnMeShamrock: back away folks, it looks like she's nachoverdosed again...this could get unpleasant
by SitOnMeShamrock July 19, 2011

1) this is achieved when the act of fingering is simply not enough to convey how horny the male is across to the female. The male male inserts one or more fingers into the anus of the female while simulatneouly maintaining the squish penetration. In order to avoid being mistaken with the "shocker" the male needs to be driving his fingers as deep and forcefully as possible while whispering "what the fuck, come on" into one of the female's ears.
SitOnMeShamrock: i thought this chick was bored the other night while i was making out with her. I laid into her with a south philly brunswick and found out she was just sleeping.
by SitOnMeShamrock July 22, 2011
a combination of the words "disaster" and "ass": noun

1.) used to describe the backside of a woman who has spent copious hours sitting on a kitchen chair while chatting online in the same pajamas that she wore the previous day while folding that day's previous day's laundry.

2.) also used to describe the resulting keister of a porn slut appearing in one of those anal gaping features that seem to be gaining popularity lately
SitOnMeShamrock: Yo dude, did you see that pic that (non-descript screen name) sent out the other day?

Jweed439: Yeah, classic case of disasterass if ever i saw one.
by SitOnMeShamrock June 30, 2011