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2 definitions by Siriusly Intelligent

We Are Scientists are a very good American band which consist of Keith Murray (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Cain (bass guitar), Michael Tapper (drums). Described as indie pop mostly.
Girl 1: Have you heard of a band called We Are Scientists?
Girl 2: Yeah, saw them on MTV2 last night with Zane Lowe.
Girl 1: So did I! Isn't Keith GOD?
Girl 2: Ew. No. But their album's out in October.
by Siriusly Intelligent October 01, 2005
Maximo Park are a band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, consisting of Paul Smith (vocals), Tom English (drums), Duncan Lloyd (guitar), Archis Tiku (bass guitar) and Lukas Wooller (keyboard).
They're described as an indie-pop band, similiar to bands like The Dears, The Delays and The Ordinary Boys.
Girl 1: Did you see that issue of NME last week?
Girl 2: Yeah, Maximo Park are really good. I've got their album, A Certain Trigger.
Girl 1: -squeal- Really? Can I borrow it?
by Siriusly Intelligent October 01, 2005