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Born 13th March 1979 in Billingham, England.
He became the lead singer for the North East indie band Maximo Park in 2003.
He is noted for his original style and on-stage behaviour, particularly his dancing and handchops whilst singing.
He sings from his 'red book' when onstage, the inside of which few have seen; it contains his song lyrics, poems he's written and various diary entries.
He tweets under the name paulsmithmusic and released his first solo album, Margins, in October 2010.
He also performs with MeandthetwinS occasionally.
Person 1: Are you going to The Cluny tonight?

Person 2: Yeah! Maximo Park are playing!

Person 1: Really?! Can't wait to see Paul Smith, he has an amazing stage presence!
by northernangel January 30, 2012
A super faggot that loves taking anal from majestic unicorns.
That guy over there is such a Paul Smith!
by thatguy10101099 February 11, 2014
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