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Finding yourself in a compromising position when your "partner" walks in on you on the couch watching Saturday Kitchen, whilst self-fornicating and trying to reach completion with vigorous and precise nipple-play. It's made worse by your chode-like body, stained rolex watch and the faint-yet-distinctive smell of beer, sweat and anguish.
Example 1:

Jimmy: "Oh no bro, I heard your girlfriend just walked in on you Taylaaring yourself"

Matthew: "Yeah she did, it was awful. I spilt cans of home brewed beer everywhere. I just want to cry into my slow cooked, pulled pork dinner".

Jimmy: "I bet that wasn't pretty"

Matthew: "It wasn't, but the dinner was good. It was in the cooker for 1700 hours.

Example 2:

Tim: "I would eat that slow cooked, pulled-pork Joe, I heard he Taylaared himself all over it".
by Sirbantsalot December 07, 2012
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