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negative word used to describe anyone who has an extremely messy and dirty appearance(I'm not talking about punks or goths) including but not limited to; faded and torn black shirts, jackets and pants, shoes that they have written all over, backpacks, duffel bags etc. that are equally dirty in appearance with every symbol that has anything to do with rebellion against anything, even if the dirt rocker isn't a real believer of what the symbol represents. symbols include the anarchy symbol, upside-down crosses, 666, pentagrams, and also various phrases of general hatred of broad areas such as "fuck the world" or "in love with death" "fuck conformists" you know the kind of shit I'm talking about. they are not necessarily out of shape but many are pale, fat, and hairy. they may also be wearing shirts featuring bands, but not all the time.
*throws the plastic banana back at the dirt rocker* "punk ass dirt rocker..."
by SirSpoogealot January 12, 2006

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