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A fight, where you use bottles instead of pillows to knock down your opponent. Normally happening in a bar or pub. Usually there will be only one winner, the last person standing in the room. There are rumours that it is an old lithuanina tradition, sometimes still executed in the lithuanian countryside.
"Hey, what happend to your face?" "I was in a Lithuanian Pillow Fight last night."

"Watch your mouth or we will soon have Lithuanian Pillow Fight in here!"
by SirJoe March 28, 2010
A helsinki suicide is when someone falls asleep outdoors drunken and freezes to death. This usually happens in northern countries during winter. It is a sad but very comfortable way the leave the world of the living.
"Where is Jukka?" "Didn't you hear? He committed a helsinki suicide!"
by SirJoe March 28, 2010

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