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Term used to describe anyone whose job it is to manually handle freight in a warehouse. This job usually entails use of powered equipment, but specifically refers to what drivers call 'finger freight' freight which requires some manual handling.
I delivered to a shit hole grocery warehouse and they didnt even have any lumpers to hire.
by SirDiesAlot April 22, 2008
n. Any combination vehicle having two or more trailers, especially short pup trailers. Derived from the uncontrolable wiggle motion these vehicles have while traveling down the highway.
Driver, I dont mind sharing my lane, but could you try and keep that wiggle wagon on your side of the line?
by SirDiesAlot August 12, 2006
In darts, a score of one hundred eighty. It is the highest possible score with three darts. Three tripple twenties.
Dude, I cant believe you got a ton eighty with those crappy plastic darts!
by SirDiesAlot August 12, 2006
n. An unskilled electronics troubleshooter. One whose primary means of solving problems is simply to replace components. Parts jockeys exclusively use exhaustive trial and error to find problems.
It will take Bob forever to find the problem, he's just a parts jockey, not a real technician.
by SirDiesAlot August 12, 2006
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