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An unintellectual random line of letters when the keys of a keyboard are randomly pressed.
My cat stepped on my keyboard and I ended up sending an e-mail with keyboard vomit. (jvba;lewfjhgnsflkvjooo)
#keyboard #vomit #random #cat #keybord vomet
by Sir. Kick Ass April 25, 2011
Combining usually internet or other types of videos whilst some times incorporating music to create a new video that either may be centered around one more themes, or merely to show all of the videos together.
Hes "mashing" together auto-tune remix videos.
#mashing #combining #remix #music #theme
by Sir. Kick Ass February 18, 2011
Written in response to a comment which contains serious grammatical errors. The first word of the response is "gramm" (with two m's) which may be followed by a remark that states that the original comment is either difficult or impossible to understand.
Anonymous: I like cat dancing counter WOW 1 bill views 6 million likes

Response to Anonymous: gramm, dude I can't understand what you said.

(or simply)
Response to Anonymous: gramm
#gramm #grammar #spell check #comment #response
by Sir. Kick Ass December 22, 2012
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