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Typical strategy for dealing with bosses in online games such as World of Warcraft. The "tank" character goes up and absorbs most of the boss's damage, while the other characters "spank" the boss by dealing as much damage as possible without distracting the boss from the tank.
Anything I should know about this boss?
He has an aggro reset at 50%, but otherwise he's just spank and tank.
by Sir Yelof April 30, 2007
"Flying Spaghetti Monster Speed". A nondenominational farewell, used in place of saying "Godspeed." It carries the same sentiment of wishing good luck but without endorsing a specific creator, instead substituting the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" deity popularized by atheists combating Intelligent Design.
"FSMSpeed, Atlantis." -- Wil Wheaton, on the space shuttle's final voyage.
by Sir Yelof May 16, 2010
An exclamation or retort used to interrupt someone who is complaining about something trivial. Usually said from one guy to another, with the undertone of "quit whining because your pussy hurts."

Likely (d)evolved from the expression "wah, my pussy hurts" since a hurt pussy cat would mew, mew, mew.

Sometimes used along with QQ or pew pew.
- Wait, I can't find my favorite pair of gloves and I haven't written a note for my roommate and...
- Mew mew mew, yeah whatever, let's go, we're late.
by Sir Yelof February 12, 2010
A special kind of idiot who believes that all people who hold a different view from oneself have the same views as each other.

Coined by Dilbert creator Scott Adams on his blog to give a name for people who believes there are only two viewpoints for every topic. (Don't worry, you're not being a labelass if you use this term.)
Person 1: "I don't think we should bomb Elbonia just because someone said they have a giant slingshot."

Person 2: "Typical liberal."

Person 1: "Typical binarian."
by Sir Yelof March 29, 2011
One who takes pleasure in furiously debating viewpoints that only exist in the imagination.

Coined by Dilbert creator Scott Adams on his blog as a new word for people who misunderstand another person's point of view and proceed to debate that misunderstanding as if it were the real point of view.
Person 1: "It's clear from your statement about this year's corn crop that you deny the Holocaust."

Person 2: "What do you do with the other hand, masturdebator?"
by Sir Yelof March 29, 2011
A special kind of idiot who uses labels as a substitute for comprehension. Coined by Dilbert creator Scott Adams on his blog to provide a derogatory label for people who label others
Person 1: "If you don't watch sports, you're a racist."

Person 2: "You're a labelass."
by Sir Yelof March 29, 2011
"Yeah, what he said." Used in forums or chat channels to agree with the post or comment above. Similarly, to say that what someone suggested is equivalent to your suggestion.
Dan: I should write a book but who has the time?
Mike: You could do it if you wanted
Jeff: Just start writing chapters on your blog, then publish them in a book when you have enough
Mike: ==
by Sir Yelof October 28, 2010

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