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Equals to, is, anything within that range.
Usually seen in computing languages, but people has been starting to use it more frequently now-a-days.

<Person1> How are you?
<Shinosuke> i == gud
<Person1> wtf. Just type 'good'. Isn't that easier?
<Shinosuke> u == sux; i == 1337
<Person1> Whatever.
by Shinosuke October 13, 2004
49 31
Similar to the =_= face, =-= generally represents a squint-like glare accompianied by the pursing of the mouth; annoyance, indignance.
P1: Hey Bob, what's up?
P2: My room mate is listening to the Hamster Dance for the fifth time in a row. =-= It's all I can do to refrain from smashing his radio.
by Kayzee October 10, 2006
10 6
"Yeah, what he said." Used in forums or chat channels to agree with the post or comment above. Similarly, to say that what someone suggested is equivalent to your suggestion.
Dan: I should write a book but who has the time?
Mike: You could do it if you wanted
Jeff: Just start writing chapters on your blog, then publish them in a book when you have enough
Mike: ==
by Sir Yelof October 28, 2010
5 6