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off the grid. getting away from IM, email, SMS or other online activities to enjoy the real world for any specified amount of time.
J- How was your week?

T- Mad crazy! Emails, IMs, people texting me!! I'm taken an OTG day tomorrow!
by Sir Wabbit September 04, 2009
People who think every time there is bird flu, swine flu, peanut flu or "what is today's flu", they will catch it or if they have a slight cough or cream their pants, they are infected. Swiners played hooky the day hand washing or prepping your food correctly was taught.
J- "Yo did you hear on the news there is a cat flu going around and I was sick all night. I think I have it and will die!!"

T- "Dude.. you sound like all the other swiners out there. Wash your hands and chill!"
by Sir Wabbit April 30, 2009
A person(s) who freaks out over anything and everything but on a level that is annoying and bordering douchebaggery Spazbags were born without the common sense chromosome leading to rants and raves that make no sense.
J- "OMG I just felt a rain drop! But before I open my umbrella I have to clean it off with alcohol because someone may have touched it then I might catch a cold and send me to the hospital and I will lose my job and and ..."

T - "Dude.. quit being a spazbag and STFU!"
by Sir Wabbit April 30, 2009
aka cyber attention seeking poster. Someone who uses any online social networking site, forum, chat room or blog as a platform to bitch about what is wrong in their daily life. Many times a casper will use this method of hiding behind a keyboard to defame another person as they lack they stones to man up in person. Ignorance is the best defense as caspers thrive for people to show sympathy to validate their shortcomings.
J: "Did you see her FB status? Does she ever have anything positive to say?"

T: "Dude.. she's a casper. You need to nix that!"
by Sir Wabbit April 27, 2009

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