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1.) One who fully shows the characteristics of a "smoker of cocks". More specifically, the term refers to one who's actions are considered "gay".

In practice, the following conditions could exist

a.) Party in question can figuratively act "gay".

b.) Party in question can literally act "gay".

Though the first scenario is most common, in either case, one can term the party that is acting "gay" as an official cocksmoker. One is not to take this lightly, as this is a harsh insult, but the sheer hilarity of the term may cause for all hostility to be swept under the tide of laughter that whilst ensue.

So dispite what some may say, this term can actually make you friends!

Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age
(in reference to a douche-bag at a concert)

"So next time you see this guy be like, 'Hey cocksmoker, go suck a bag of dicks!'"
by Sir Nick July 21, 2006
One who is a master of the butt sexing. One "smith" is well-know for his mastery of his tool. Thus, one who is splendid at the butt sex may be deemed a "smith" of "poop".

The term also refers to the butt sex man's ability to extrude lots of "poop" from his partners cornhole, almost as if it where his job to shove his cock up some dude's ass cus its "cool" or something
My boyfriend La-Bamba is quite the poopsmith, he uncorked 3 kilos of "poop" out of me last night!
by Sir Nick July 21, 2006

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