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A movie (usually based on a kids show on Nickeloden) that isn't good enough to be in the Movie Theater and debuts on television.
Nickeloden Producer #1: I'm bored!

Nickeloden Producer #2: Hey, I know. Lets make a TV Movie of (enter crappy television show) and make a quick buck.

Nickeloden Producer #1: Sweet, kids watch will anything!

Producers Laugh
#nickeloden #kids #television #money #movie
by Sir Master K May 31, 2006
When something happens and it's not exactly what you want, but take it anyway.
AquaTeen Hunger Force
Episode: T-Shirt of the Living Dead

Meatwad: " Here you go, your very own........ wooden brain"

Frylock: " TRAIN YOU IDIOT!!!!! TRAIN!!!!!!!!"

Meatwad: " Look he's gonna have to bite the bullet on this one, it has been a long night!!!!!!

#aqua #teen #hunger #force #meatwad
by Sir Master K May 31, 2006
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