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3 definitions by Sir Henry

The one true god is the only god that truly exists. All others are false.

Currently 137 religions claim to worship the "one true god".

Different sects of one religion will argue that they are the only ones who worship the "one true god"

Discussion of the trueness of one's god often leads to violence
Protestants vs. Catholics vs. Jews vs. everyone else for the last thousand years or more fighting each other on behalf of THEIR one true god...
by Sir Henry October 02, 2005
44 10
1.Short for bubble and squeak. Bubble is made from leftover boiled potato and greens, typically cabbage, fried together. Often offered as part of a British "fry up" or breakfast.

Hence 2. British rhyming slang Bubble = Greek. Often used in a derogatory way
So this bubble come in the caff an' arsts for breakfast, no beans, no bubble. Farking cahnt!
by Sir Henry October 02, 2005
11 12
Derogatory term normally used by adult males for other adult males especially in physical confrontation
"Oi! Cuntbubble! Stich that!"
by Sir Henry October 02, 2005
13 16