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1. One who has been paddled ferociously to kinky sex, most men who suffer from this will tend to waddle for the next few days.

2. An insult; see: dipshit, moron, retard, etc.
1. The Jewish man bent over for the whopper of a spank "The Ass Waddling Paddle Master".

2. BIG T: "Hey look a turtle!"
Tiffany: "Thats not a turtle its a cloud you fucking Ass Waddling Paddle Master!!!"
by Sir Fuzzmo August 31, 2006
1. To shove one's penis into another person's ass. When the penis is fully inserted the other one lets out a massive fart and the ass cheeks will ripple uncontrollably causing the man to get off.

2. A playful term often used as an insult:
ex. Mary you dinkfrump your dog ate my homework!
As Jason stuck his dick inside of Irma's ass she let out a massive Dink Frump, Jason then moaned.

by Sir Fuzzmo August 30, 2006
1. When one is prior to blowing his load, the partner will will "tickle" his dick blue.

2. When a smurf rides a four legged animal while he is in the process of tickling his dick.

3. Yet another insult.
Gerard moaned in great pleasure as Sally got off of him and started to tickle his dick.

Papa smurf hadn't ridden a horsie before, the tremendous feeling of his deep blue balls bouncing up and down on the horse gave him the feeling to tickle his dick.

"Cameron you Smurf Riding Tickle Dick stop being such a Smurf Riding Tickle Dick and do your fucking homework!!"
by Sir Fuzzmo August 31, 2006

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