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2 definitions by Sir Droosef

1) A male cheerleader
2) Syn. for Homosexual
1) Tyler is pretty buff, I guess he has to be to be a man-leader.
2) Ashlee digs Drake, someone should tell her he's a man-leader.
by Sir Droosef November 05, 2007
Synonym of ricer
Any car (not only honda's) that have any of the following:
Large scoop anywhere on it (hood, roof, side etc.) especially non-functioning ones.
Giant wing on the back of the car (usually a front wheel drive)
More body upgrades than engine
carbon fiber
exaust louder than the engine
Guy 1:Dude, look at that car, it's so gay!
Guy 2: Yeah, someone Honda'd the hell outta that.
by Sir Droosef November 14, 2007