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2 definitions by Sir Awesome

similar to puttin' it on 'em.

lettin' 'em have it.

conquering all.
You got your ass whomped.

We are out here whompin' 'em.

Straight up whompum.
by Sir Awesome November 01, 2007
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Used by people who use 'meme' (Pronounced ME-ME) Means a person's internet fails at being awesome. Most likely a mac. :D Or a another type of computer without DSL or cable. Vice Versa.
Prince Prodigy101: Dude, Ya know ryan? His internet is messed up!!! IT CAN'T GO ON INTERNET EXPLORER!

LemonSonic: LMAO!! FAILERNETZ!!! =D
by Sir Awesome October 18, 2007
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