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1. (adj.) meaning a slightly attractive but strange looking person
2.(noun)someone who lights themselves on fire too much
3. someone who says fleh or knows someone who says fleh way more than they should
4.someone who likes to talk to themselves or talk about themselves in the third person

"oh my that person is such a eeefk!", said the girl," look at that odd way she walks, its just like Jan Brady!"
by Sir Ama Eciyoj March 07, 2008
1. a douchebag

2. a boneheaded fool, a dork, fruitcake,

3. a hippie/ Beatles hater!!!!

4. a fool who doesn't go to the doctor, even though he keeps hurting his arm

5. a nice guy

6. ooogs <---exactly!!!

7. clueless , a completely clueless guy who doesn't get girls, but does at the same time

8. a cool kid
"Dude it's Probus, it needs no explanation." said Lemonade.
by Sir Ama Eciyoj March 07, 2008
1.a weird girl

2. sometimes shy, sometimes spastic, kinda really really crazy

3. cool kid

4. artistic kid

5. want to be hippie
"i'm waffles biotch .... WOO!" said Waffles.
by Sir Ama Eciyoj March 07, 2008
1. a crazy hyper-active girl who runs alot for fun (crazy)

2. a fun chick

3. a person who plays the flute

4. a girl who is high on LIFE *eeep*

5. a hardcore nerd
" That chick Lemonade is one crazy mo-fo." said Waffles.
by Sir Ama Eciyoj March 07, 2008
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