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2 definitions by Sir El of B

Functional language derived from the word 'derp'. Various components of a sentence are replaced with the word 'derp' and variations of, the extent varying on what is being talked about, and it's perceived level of 'derpishness'.
Sentence meaning is usually understood via context.
Basic noun: derp
Verb: to derp
Basic adjective: derpish or derpy
Adverb: derpity
Conjugations: de and der
Descriptive nouns/adjectives: derpage, derpitude, derpination

Famous film titles: "Where Derps Dare, Derpy Harry,Magnum Derp, The Derp Pool

Famous song titles: What A Derpty Derp by Louis Armstrong

All Steven Seagal films must have every derp derped:
Derper Derp, Derper Derp 2: Derp Derpitory, On Derply Derp
Derpit Derps, Subderped

Famous Quotes:
"To derp, or not to derp"
"Derp ahead, derp my derp"
by Sir El of B May 19, 2008
An idiom used to describe the moment of downturn for a previously successful enterprise/musician/actor etc. A clear, defining point which, when reached, means nothing will be the same again.

Similar to 'Jumping the Shark' or 'Nuking the Fridge'.

From Loud Reed and his wife staging a high frequency dog concert ("an inter-species social gathering").....
Yeah man, they were really playing the high frequencies that time.
by Sir El of B May 28, 2010