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3 definitions by Sintekk

Something often uttered by zombies trying to get to some tasty human brains.
Graaaagh. Urggggh. GRAAAAAGH.
by sintekk October 13, 2005
Strange guy that goes around spewing one or more of the following quotes:
Dag, yo!
Whatchoo talking about, Willis?
There is no spoon.
Guy 1: Hey, sintekk. What's up?
Sintekk: Dag, yo!
Guy 1: Huh?
Sintekk: Whatchoo talking about, Willis?
by Sintekk May 24, 2003
Odd fellow that speaks like an idiot
Sintekk: Dag yo!
Aradune: Pi equals 1 squared
Sintekk: Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?
Aradune: Chill, homeslice
by sintekk May 28, 2003