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Soviet Union a country that was created to be communist but failed to become it but instead turned to be Socialist, I know it's surprising but i guess you should understand first what U.S.S.R stans for = Unoin of the Soviet SOCIALIST Republic.
Yes Stalin was the leader of the country but he was hated by all the people. Lenin was the man who created the Soviet Unoin and he insisted that Stalin wouldn't be the leader after him.

The only reason that everyone dosen't speak German to this day, if it wasn't for their defence in Stalinberg you today would be living i na facist world screaming Hailz Hitler!!

A country who's army (soldiers) were considered to be the toughest and bravest soldiers in the world. Training and fighting was something that no American soldier did or could do.

A country were the people are cultured nicley dressed and good looking, unlike the rednecks (ex. G.W.Bush) that America has.

Please before commenting on a country that you have no idea about, considering the massive propaganda that has been pumped into by a society where a movie star makes more money than a doctor, think twice and do not write anything.

Now it's Russia and it's still powerful armed with many nukes and missles (were do you think the terrorists in the middle east get their supplies, us of course -.-).
The Soviet Union was the second Romian Empire but grander, soemthing that America wants to achieve but can't.
by Sindrow July 25, 2006
Country who had enough power and courage to go against a power hungry country. Peaceful and always ha proganda against it.

The country that defeated hitler in World War 2.

Greatest Nation that was created
The societ unoin is the only country that stood up to America unlike the Canadains who worship the ground that America blows up
by Sindrow May 25, 2005
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