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2 definitions by SimpsonVonTouchingWanghardyeah

A psychological disorder that develops during pregnancy. It is characterised by bouts of extreme narcissism, arrogance, and unfounded self-entitlement.
1. "It's a classic case of preglomania... Now that she finally has tits she thinks she can do whatever she wants."

2. "Now that I'm pregnant I can blame my bitchy attitude on preglomania."
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The mineral that overcooked pork chops turn into when you leave them out on the counter for two days.

Also known as: Porkatite, Rock Chops, Cubic Porkonium, or Porkrete
Holy shit, I almost broke a tooth when I bit into that fucking porkanite you gave me for dinner.
by SimpsonVonTouchingWanghardyeah March 07, 2011
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