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The art of challenging a Japanese nintnedo fan to a duel.

A movie player based on Divx.
Im gon' Gook Slap yo' with my duelling glove, bitch.

Quote - "Move bitch, get out' the way" - Christopher Brian Bridges (Ludacris - 2002)
by Simee February 13, 2007
A Japanese person who is intensly good at video games, mainly nintendo.

Most "Gooks" can play the nintendo DS without the use of the stylus (using only their eyes).
This is due to them playing video games since for over 4000 years.

Gooks can also move things with their mind as they are superhuman.
Oh my god that Gook is playing Yoshi Touch and Go with his eyes...
by Simee February 10, 2007

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