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1. Outkast is an adjective meaning homeless, or unaccepted in society.

2. An outkast is someone who is not considered to be part of the normal world.
He is looked at differently.
He is not accepted because of his clothes, his hair, his occupation, his beliefs, or his skin color.

3. It is also a 2 person band including Antwan "Big Boi" Patton and Andre "Andre 3000" Bejamin.

They've released a few albulms :
1994 - southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
1996 - ATliens
1998 - Aquemini
2000 - Stankonia
2003 - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

4. One who understands and feels the basic principles and fundamental truths contained within Outkast's music.
He's an outkast, a loner, he always seems to be doing his own thing.

Outkast's new cd has a variety of rap styles.
by SimdudeS July 12, 2004
Kinda like Bla... but sooo much more.

Often said towards friends when bored.
This would be an instant message example of what it could be:

by SimdudeS April 11, 2007

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