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Maxis, a computer game company residing in Walnut Creek, California. Maxis is famous for the #1 PC Game of all time, The Sims. They have also released the SimCity series, and several other smaller games like SimLife, SimCopter, Streets of SimCity, among others. Electronic Arts took over Maxis in 1997, and were partly responsible for the reason why no other smaller Sim titles have been released recently. Maxis was originally owned by Will Wright, who created SimCity Classic.
I'll go play SimCity 4 by Maxis.
by SimMastaCopter September 18, 2004
Bascically the same as fucker, but used to evade chatroom language filters or as a nicer way of saying fucker.
Stop being such a fuxner / you fuxner!
by SimMastaCopter March 29, 2005
An ok game that is pretty addictive. Most of the meanings here describe it as a crappy game-it is in some respects. I'm level 29 and proud of it. It has quests. Which most of are impossible. But its an interesting game. Check it out at runescape.com .
Addicted 1: Can I have that rune helm? I'll give you 100 000 gp...
Addicted 2: No, **** off..
Addicted 2: stupid censors...
by SimMastaCopter November 23, 2004

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