2 definitions by Silverphoenix

A girl that thinks she's popular when she really isn't
Man that girl is such a virl, she was hitting on that jock who is way out of her league
by Silverphoenix November 10, 2011
The BilKLaren is a mystical creature that resides in the area of Sandton who was created by the evil mastermind 'DyKa'. The creature is dangerous and is dressed in a clown costume and features a set of mushrooms on its legs which spews out poisonous white fuel as well as 5 male genitalia for mass production of its species. Though some claim the creature is friendly, the BilKLaren has been known to phantom many people in the neighborhood. If you seek it, you may not find it for it hides within the Alaskan Pipeline.
The BilkLaren is out there, phantoming young individuals! Beware!
by SilverPhoenix June 05, 2014

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