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Going through an emotionally taxing day leaving one feeling hateful and mad. At the end of the day, having a masturbating session. Usually the content viewed during the fap involves fetish pron such as goth, latex, bondage, SM and other bizarre forms of pornography. The angry-fapper does not necessarily have to be an lover of these fetishes, but is driven to look at them because of his/her consternation and furiousness. Some angry-fappers choose to accompany their session with hardcore death/black/gothic metal.
OOOOHHH....Fucking Gianni stole my Dr. Pepper! I'm gonna home and angry fap to Dir en Grey.
by Silverant April 14, 2006
Pronounced "reet". A mix between engrish and 1337. A |2337 phrase occurs when a Japanese individual says something in an attempt to sound 1337. Usually he/she learns this phrase from hanging out with true 1337 4/v\3|2|C4/\/ |-|4XX0|25. The phrase comes out of the Japanese person's mouth sounding completely wrong or coming out at the completely wrong time, due to the Japanese accent, a weak grasp on a fast paced American teenager conversation, and/or a lack of knowledge of when to drop a computer term in RL speak while still sounding 1337.
Guys who've mastered 1337: "blah blah blah...Oh wow, that's pretty weird dude."

Takashi (out of nowhere):"yeah......daabuuyouuuu teeeee ehhhhhffff....hehehe"

*1337 guys look uncomfortably at Takashi/each other (because Takashi is still their friend). An extremely awkward silence follows*

1337 guys (to themselves): God, Takashi is so facking |2337. Yeah, lawl.
by Silverant May 02, 2006

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