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2 definitions by SilverRRCloud

Dudes exchanging presently worn underwear for fun. Somewhere in the region of male bonding, repressed homosexuality, bromance and the rest... . Save for the commercial purposes, this is probably just another urban myth.
Dude, Jamie traded fluff with Tom. What gives?

Who knows? Ain't the Fluff Trade one of those latest jock-frat inventions?
by SilverRRCloud July 19, 2009
San Francisco, CA. This usage refers to the debauchery going on in the city, and its generally loose attitudes when it comes to sex.
So, Dude, where are you going tonite?

Across the bridge to the Babylon-by-the-Bay. Want to grab some hot ass for my nightly workout...
by SilverRRCloud April 11, 2009