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1. the logic used to justify ones actions for personal gain 2. the art of being self-centered 3. the actions and attitudes one takes to appear beter than others, that to the outside observer, shows he/she is a real jerk.
It was his egonomics that caused his to die a lonely man, and the geek, a millionaire
by Silly Dad August 12, 2003
1. An interjection showing surprised consternation. A derivation of the term "bloody hell" by those not wanting to sound British.
2. A small town in Maine, USA, but you can't get there from here.
3. NYC subway system.
1. "Awe, dirty hell! Who didn't curb their dog?!"
2. "Down the road a bit, and go to dirty hell."
3. He made his living playing his intrument in dirty hell.
by Silly Dad August 12, 2003
psychological masturbation
Eventually nobody believed his boasting except for himself, it was all egonomics.
by Silly Dad August 12, 2003
adj. young. immature. not full grown. like a pippin.
Although out of college, his behavior was still pippie.
by Silly Dad August 12, 2003
An elated feeling one gets from the presence or action of someone special.
He smiled at her, and she felt all oogie inside.
by Silly Dad August 12, 2003
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